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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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My Journey towards good life & the fully functioning person

As mentioned in the hand out “That good life is not a fixed state”, it is a PROCESS, it is a ‘direction not a destination’. A good life according to me and my experiences comes under the process: 1. An Increasing Openness to Experience.

2. Increasingly Existential living.

The two above processes fit right with my life. Just to give a brief back ground here I must state how I was before the two characteristics. My father played a very dominent role in my life throughout, even when I got married, in my mind I seeked for his approval before doing or making any decisions. I would ask myself what would he do in this condition or what would his response be to this. Two years ago I started to really give myself time, give my thoughts time where I would at night just lay thinking what is wrong or rather NOT RIGHT in my life. That’s when I started to become more self-aware and more open to my experiences in my life. Due to mere self awarness I came to understand where the problem lies. I realised that I have choices and I do have all the rights and capacity to make those choices and believe in me. The more I let myself accept my feelings and the experiences, I was able to feel so many things which I never did before, I felt so ‘real’ and ‘authentic’ and most of all independent from the control of others. The feeling of being more confident, and being able to acknowledge and own my experiences, I can see the growth in my inner self.

Now I will share my example of the ‘1st Process’.
I saw an add in the news paper for a “Certification course in Humanistic approch to counselling”, something happened inside of me which urged me to take up this course. I just did not think of anything, I just knew I had to do this course and there is no obstacle that I would let come in my way of doing this. I spoke to my husband about it and he agreed and said ok lets go and find out the requirements. We went to...
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