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Topics: Texas, Stephen F. Austin, History of Texas Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: April 7, 2013
I have been to the IMAX at the Bob Bullock Museum, but this was the first time to step inside the museum itself. I was walking in thinking I needed a tour guide to show me the best way to explore but as you walk in, it is very easy to follow. The first floor had early settlements from the Indian Trade Network to Mexico seeking independence from Spain. Then as I went up to the second floor, I noticed the themes they laid out for each section of the Museum making them all different and allowing us to experience history firsthand. There was a jail cell theme from Stephen F. Austin when he was captured by the Mexican authorities from November 6, 1834. In the middle was his original letter to James Perry and in the background you can hear him speaking about his experience. There were many other original documents such as list of the wounded during the storm of Bexar, Declaracion del Pueblo de Tejas, and the the original sketch of the Republic of Texas flag and seal from January 25, 1839. There was a wall of Texas postcards from Jenkins Garret that was amazing and I saw an original film about when Texas celebrated 100 yrs of independence. I was entertained when they mentioned “square-dance horseback” and “colorful lights.” I saved the best part for last accidently because I got lost looking for it, but the Bob Bullock statue area was amazing to see on the second floor. The statue stood alone in the middle of the room with the words “God Bless Texas” in the background. I didn’t realized how many awards he won from Mr. South Texas to the Harvey Penick Award. It was also nice that his wife Jan donated some of his items after he passed away. Like his Justin boots engraved with “Bullock Raiders”, his many badges, belt buckles, campaign buttons, and his gavel that was engraved with “Last Gavel used by Bob Bullock, Lieutenant Governor, 76th Regular Session, January 19, 1999.” I walked in being annoyed with the dozens of school children screaming everywhere, but left with more...
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