Me as a Child vs. Me as an Adult

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Me as a Child vs. Me as an Adult

There is much that is different as an adult than it was years ago as a child.

When I hear the term child, I think of a person under the age of 18 because this is the legal age of an adult. As a child and as an adult you have many different types of responsibilities. Responsibility is a duty or obligation and sometimes a burden. As a child my responsibilities seemed as if they were burdens; however, as an adult they have simply became my duty and obligation in order to live a successful life. Some things are also similar.
As a child I had a lot of free time during which I would play with the neighbors, ride my bike, rollerblade or play in the bright colorful plastic play house that sat in our front yard. I always knew when play time was over because my Mother would call me into the house from the front door or call over to my friend's house and have me come home when the sun began to set.

One the other hand, as an adult, free time is very limited, and may consist of having lunch with a dear friend, going out for a walk, driving around the city, or relaxing in the hot tub rather then playing in the bright colored play house. I no longer get called in the house by my mother as I did when I was a child. Similarly, when I notice the sun is starting to set I begin to make my way home

As a child after going into the house when my mother called me in from my free time I would have to study and at that time I dreaded it. I would be forced to sit and do homework at the round glass top dining room table. There I would have to read a few pages for English, or study the continents, rivers and lakes for social studies, as well as do math homework. During this time I was not allowed to watch TV, talk on the phone, or play with my dolls or video games.

On the other hand, as an adult I no longer am forced to sit at that dining room table; instead, I have the ability to sit where I feel comfortable to...
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