Mdst- Comedy

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MDST –Comedy
Movie Report

For this assignment I choose to see the following three movies: My Man Godfrey, Gabriel over the White House and Meet John Doe. The three movies give different perspectives on how comedy is used and the role it plays in what the movie wants to convey. My Man Godfrey (1936) directed by Gregory LaCava present the typical screwball comedy of the 1930’s. The film presents the life of a rich family where the two daughters; completely opposite go down to a poor colony during a scavenger hunt to find a “forgotten man”. At the time the forgotten man was a common term that referred to those forgotten by society. After they find him they take him home as their butler and he ends up teaching the two sisters some lessons about reality and family values and helping the family out of bankruptcy. The movie follows the usual comic plotting. As far as the characters go the youngest of the two sisters, Irene and most naïve and melodramatic one falls in love with her butler, an obvious mismatch. The two are complete opposites in personality, class and points of view. On the other hand the oldest sister Cornelia, plays the role of the more astute and manipulative of the two. From the beginning the sisters are rivals, and we can notice that rivalry and opposition by the way they dress one dark and the other one in silver, also one blonde and the other brunette. On the other hand, there is an uneven distribution of power between the men and women of the house, that almost equal out by the end. For instance since the beginning we can notice that the father is one of the only reasonable persons in the house, he tries to explain money situations and also comments on ridiculous circumstances such as the scavenger hunt party; which he finds absurd. Even though we identify him as the most reasonable, his opinion is often put aside. In addition, the wife is kind of out of her mind… again an obvious mismatch. In addition, we can notice that even though Irene is...
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