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Topics: Washing machine, Laundry, Clothes dryer Pages: 11 (3400 words) Published: December 27, 2012
The evolution of the modern Washing machine5
Benefit and Value8
Consumer Behaviour10
Colour and Generational issues12
Innovation Challenges13
Target Market15
Brand Appeal16

The paper introduces the concepts of MDI and reviews how Marketing Innovation and design have influence the present day washing machine. It traces the invention, innovation and design changes over the product life cycle and analyses various influences that have altered the design colour, shape and functionality of the washing machine. Brand and the impact of branding are introduced and how the largest manufacturer of washing machines in the US manages brand identify, brand appeal, target markets and innovation.

Management of Innovation and new product development requires expertise in the areas of finance, manufacturing, human resources, marketing, business strategy, technology, legal, strategic management and other pursuits. Trott (2008) “Innovation and Product Development is a management process”. Marketing is about understanding the need for consumers and then creating product and services that best suit their need. The innovation comes about by finding the best product /services that suits that need. The washing machine, an appliance taken for granted today in many households but origins traces back to prehistoric times. Man’s quest for hygiene led to the evolution of washing technique which initially was mainly performed by women in a laborious and degrading process. The innovative nature of man lead to the quest to improved methods of washing clothing and reduce the burden on women leading to the invention of the washing machine and the subsequent development of the appliance that can be found in most households today. The changes in the washing machine over time is as a result of the changing needs of the consumers, environment factors such as regulations, invention and development in components and the application of relevant technology. These factors will continue to drive the washing machine design in the foreseeable future.


The evolution of the modern Washing machine
Mayers and Marquis (1969) cited in Trott (2008:14) state“Innovation is not a single action but a total process of inter-related processes. It is not just the conception of a new idea, nor the invention of a new device, nor the development of a new market. The process is all these things acting in an integrated fashion”. PREHISTORY (100,000 – 30,000 B.C.)

Prehistory covers the 2.5 million years of man’s existence before recorded history. If man cleaned himself or his clothing, he used water only. ANCIENT TIMES (2500 B.C. – 476 A.D. approx. 3000 years)

During this period bathing and clothes washing evolved. Washing and bathing was conducted alongside rivers or streams. The Romans used public laundries or “fulleries”, staffed by workers for washing clothing -the equivalent of the modern laundromart – by workers called “fullones.” MIDDLE AGES (476 A.D. – 1453 A.D. approx. 1000 years)

Europe became much less concerned with hygiene, and public health declined. There was fear of water, believing it to cause disease, so washing and bathing was no longer a daily activity. Clothing was washed only every two or three months. It was soaked in a tub with a washing solution of lye and fuller’s earth or white clay. Then it was trampled or beaten after which the dirty wash water ran out through a hole. TIMEFRAME/YEAR| DESCRIPTION| Photo|

AD 1450 - 1700 Renaissance period, rise of nobility, Clean clothes a sign of wealth| Manual processClothes were soaked, boiled beaten, rinsed, hand wrung and dried in fresh air | Dolly Dasher | 1797Giant leaps in Science and technology|...
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