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McKinsey & Company: Managing Knowledge and Learning
Group 2 – Section A
Aditya Dave 11P005
Anand Jhunjhunwala 11P009
Pragati Sangal 11P031
Pratikshit Pandey 11P032
Saurabh Bhandari 11P041
1. What was McKinsey’s unique source of competitive advantage developed by James O. McKinsey and later by Marvin Bower?

James O. McKinsey
* Recruited experienced executives and trained them on an integrated approach which he called the General Survey outline * Sequence of analysis - goals, strategy, policies, organization, facilities, procedures & personnel * Freestyle of thinking –synthesis of data & encouragement of independent thinking

Marvin Bower
* Focused on issues of importance to top-level Management adhering to the highest standards of integrity, professional ethics and technical excellence * People development: professionals under him were trained and motivated to do outstanding work * More focus on client benefits than on the firm’s, he wanted the firm to be dedicated to serving the clients superbly well * He wanted every assignment to bring the firm experience and prestige more than the revenue * Bower saw each client’s problem to be unique and backed his well-trained, highly intelligent generalists to find a solution

2. Judging from the evidence of the three mini-cases, how would you evaluate the effectiveness of McKinsey’s change process?

Jeff Peters and the Sydney Office Assignment
* Networked through KRD, FPIS and PDNet
* Quick focus on final solutions
* Successful in finding the solution and satisfying the client but there was overdependence on the knowledge database and a lack of any radical breakthroughs Warwick Bray and European Telecoms
* Became a deregulation expert based on a PD document
* Increased focus on sponsored studies
* More outreach required for knowledge assimilation
Stephen Dull and B2B Marketing
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