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Executive Summary

In this report we are going to introduce Mcjob motivation analysis using -HRM motivation theories and techniques
-Appling an effective job design
-Appling job characteristics model
-Recruitment and selection methods and techniques
In addition to the illustration diagrams and explanation the report is ended with an examples or a real Mcjob case and how theories’ been applied to increase motivation.

Answer Q1
Simply we can describe McJob as a "a low-pay, low-prestige, low-dignity, low benefit, no-future job in the service sector. Frequently considered a satisfying career choice by people who have never held one.” [1] As I am a part of HRM within the organization I am going to explain how we can increase employees stimulation by applying multiple motivation theories and technique that will increase employees productivity, loyalty and satisfaction. Motivation theories

Any successful business is a result of its workers behind it. However, if these people are not motivated by their different needs, business will have negative impact. The below are some of the most common motivation theories that we suggest to apply in order to achieve our assigned goal.

Douglas McGregor (1906-1964)
X & Y theory considered one of the most well-known theories in the business study. Theory X assumed that people dislike work with no ambition and the work for money only. We can motivate these types of people by giving them bounces and encouraging rewards. Theory Y assumed that people can be motivated if their needs were fulfilled. We can motivate this type of people by assigning some responsibilities and give them trust; needless to mentioned the appreciation.

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)
Basically it’s a hierarchy of five levels of basic needs. Starting from physiological, safety, social, esteem till it reach finally self- actualization. Person does not feel the 2nd need until the demands of the 1ST have been satisfied, and so on, until it reach the top of hierarchy. The following chart shows the five levels with some examples and how we can apply this theory in order to motivate the employees within the organization .[2] Victor Vroom (B. 1932)

The expectancy theory assumed that behavior is a result from conscious choices among alternatives. As we can motivate people if we help them to believe in that. We can simply lustrate that as below [3]

Job Design
Essentially it defined as meeting individual social needs and operational needs of the organization. We are going to apply two theories in order to complete our study in as the below.

This theory says jobs should be design and break down into smaller task to meet employees needs, qualification and skills, and in the same time I should meet the organization main goals. In our study we are going to apply the below three objective -Efficiency Achievement by increasing output per individual -Standardization job performance by braking the work into smaller and specified task -Discipline, by creating a hierarchical authority and assigned responsibilities.

2-The socio-technical approach
In order to apply this approach we will implement the below principle

-Job design should flexible according to its requirements.
-While job design we should involve the social and technological employee requirements and needs.

Job characteristic model
Basically we are going to implement Hackman and Oldham’s job characteristics model. It says that Workers must experience 3 psychological states to be motivated; however, these 3 critical psychological sates are influenced by 5 core job characteristics we can summarize them as below Toward Meaningful Work

-Skill Variety:
Degree to which job requires different skills. We can motivate people by assigning different task that meet their skills and talents -Task Identity:
Degree to which job involves completing a whole identifiable...
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