Mcgregor Theory X

Topics: Management, Douglas McGregor, Theory X and theory Y Pages: 3 (1081 words) Published: April 5, 2011

In 1960, Douglas McGregor an American psychologist formulated a theory that has changed the path of management thinking and practice. He proposed two sets of assumptions about employee's attitude and behaviour, so the manager will be in a better position to manage the workers and achieve organizational goals. McGregor named these assumptions as Theory X and Theory This essay would examine the pros and cons of this theory of employee motivation, followed by writer's opinion. (McGregor, 1960)

Theory X:
According to Theory X, Managers assume that the average employee is lazy, dislikes work, are incapable of self-direction and will not indulge in hard work. Additionally, McGregor considers these workers have less ambition and avoids taking responsibility. It is a difficult task to exploit work from these employees, and manager plays a significant role in order to handle and manage them to achieve the company's goal. McGregor believe that it is important that managers formulate regulations in order to counteract worker's tendencies to avoid work and also supervise them closely and control their behaviour in order to run the business in an effective and efficient manner. Managers can also reward the employees if the work is done in an efficient way, as this can be a motivation factor for the workers. (McGregor, 1960) This theory is more convention and few managers adapt this theory in order to maintain control over the employees, as they consider it is essential to supervise and control the labourers. Managers following these assumptions believe not to give autonomy to the employees and the main reason being the workers are not expecting the opportunity and will be happy to shy away from responsibility. Many managers are of the point of few that these workers must be dealt with rewards and punishments and that's the only way to manage these employees and also see their role as closely monitor the workers to ensure that they are assert for...
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