Mcdonalds U.K. Analisys

Topics: McDonald's, Obesity, Super Size Me Pages: 2 (291 words) Published: November 5, 2011
Pedro Caetano
Al Eferstein
International Business Operations
Case 2-7

United Kingdom
-McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Salad
-McDonald’s Garden Side Salad
-McDonald’s Carrot Sticks
-McDonald’s Fruit bag
-McDonald’s Fish Fingers

Industry Facts:
-May, 2004- The movie “Super Size Me” is released in the U.K. The film is a documentary that attacks McDonald’s directly. -November, 2004- U.K. government published health recommendations giving the food industry until early 2007 to act more responsibly or face formal legislation. -May, 2007- World Heart Federation reports that globally 1 billion people are overweight and 400 million are obese. Promotion

An U.K. campaign was established in 2007. The efforts are basically a attempt to change McDonalds image in the country and disassociate the brand’s name with the “American Obesity”. The campaign was named “Changes”. McDonald’s Strategies

-Development and advertising of menu options, such as salads, fruits, and juices.
-Change the logo of the company.
-Poster ads that omit the golden arches.
-TV commercials direct to kids, featuring Ronald McDonalds eating fruit and talking about exercising regularly and even changing the faces that appeared in the ads to asian ones, that the public relates to a healthy people. Link:

-McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Salad---------£2.95
-McDonald’s Garden Side Salad-------------£1.58
-McDonald’s Carrot Sticks-------------------- £0.99
-McDonald’s Fruit bag------------------------- £0.99
-McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish --------------------- £2.28

-McDonalds European sales grew by 5.8 percent in 2007.
-320 000 more people a day visited a McDonalds store in Britain by early 2007.
-90 percent of British consumers are buying the regular product line McDonalds Offers.
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