Mcdonalds vs Burgerking (Persuasive Essay)

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Josh Roche
Persuasive Essay
McDonalds vs. Burger King
The fast food industry in is very competitive. McDonalds and Burger King are two of the most famous fast food chains around the world.  Though they are booth fast food burger restaurants they are many distinct differences. With the information gathered below you can see without a shadow of a doubt McDonalds, is a superior restaurant than Burger King. Burger King is a big business. They provide serves to customers in approximately 12,000 locations covering all 50 states and 73 countries worldwide. Most of their restaurants are independently owned and operated by franchisees (About the Burger King Corporation). Though Burger King is a very big and successful business McDonald’s size and success far exceeds its competition. McDonalds is the world’s fourth largest employer, employing 1.9 million works (world’s largest employer). McDonalds currently has more than 34,000 locations in 119 countries, and serves nearly 69 million people a day. 80% of their locations are franchised (Getting to Know Us). Let’s take a look at the products and services. Whose burgers taste the best? Because taste comes down to individual preference, it would be unfair to say McDonald’s burgers taste better than Burger Kings. However, we are able to examine their menus, and service. Sense it is the fast-food business; I did conducted an experiment to see witch store provided me with the fastest service. I went to my local Burger King at 1900 and ordered a double cheese burger ($1.49), value fry, which is small than a size small, ($1.29) and small drink (20oz for $2.09). The total cost with tax $4.63; from the time I walked in, to the time I received my food, it took 2 minutes and 48 seconds (Burger King). The following day I went to my local McDonald’s at 1900. I ordered a double cheese burger (1.19), a small fry (1.29) and a large drink ($1.00). The total with tax $3.78 (McDonalds).Once again I timed from when I entered to...
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