Mcdonalds Versus Subway

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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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McDonalds versus Subway

Benjamin Morgan


June 26, 2012
Mary Clare Mansfield

McDonalds versus Subway

Most of today’s society eats some form of fast food, such as McDonalds or Subway. A consumer may change his or her mind after seeing the fat content or the food preparation techniques used by the company. The marketing strategy of the company has substantial impact on which fast food place is chosen by the consumer because of the way the restaurant is presented. With so many choices on the menu, the preparation of the food, and the marketing strategy being different for each one it is hard to choose where to go for lunch. The health content is a big concern for the consumer these days when looking into fatty content of the ingredients of menu items. Subway offers many healthy choices to its consumers, while McDonalds only offers a couple healthy options, all the rest are extremely high in fat content. For example the Big Mac hamburger is a very hot seller at McDonalds, it is loaded in fat. Then subway has 5 dollar foot longs with less than 6 grams of fat which is a healthier choice. Subway gives the consumer a larger selection to choose from with all fresh ingredients like different types of bread, toppings, and dressing for the sandwich of his or her choice; most of these options are low in fat and typically healthier for the consumer. The only healthy choice offered by McDonalds are the salads and for the kids, apples instead of fries in the Happy Meal. Overall, consumers looking for the healthier choice would most likely choose Subway. Food preparation is something everyone thinks about when eating fast food; not only do people worry about employees doing the unspeakable to the food but how long has it been made and just sitting there for the employee to put in a bag or on a tray to hand it to the consumer. Subway creates the consumer’s sandwich right in front of the consumer’s eyes. The only thing...
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