Mcdonalds System Process Improvement

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Un caso di reingegnerizzazione dei processi

Claire Brabowski- Executive Vice President of Worldwide Systems “It actually started probably in the early 1980’s, where we were struggling in the United States, to meet our own standards operationally in the restaurant. So we had come in to do a graded visit on the restaurant and a restaurant that we normally thought of as very good couldn’t meet some of the standards. Either they couldn’t meet the quality standards or they couldn’t meet the service standards. And we spent a couple of years actually sort of retraining. If only they would work harder, do it better or something, somehow. The stories would improve.”

Bob Marshall- Assistant Vice President of US Operations
“I think one of the biggest things we found was that we didn’t really have a repeatable process that the store would do consistently throughout the day or store to store. The only way we could add new menu items in the way that we had done it was to continually add new processes on top of other processes. It really ended up with a lot of steps, it ended up with some very confusing steps and it ended up with a process that wasn’t readily repeatable by the stores on an ongoing basis, day to day, hour to hour.”

Claire Brabowski- Executive Vice President of Worldwide Systems “I’d say it was about 1987 when we finally just said this just can’t work. And we have to somehow find a way to let the customer be in charge of what’s being made in the kitchen.”

McDonalds decided to implement their first complete kitchen changeover, to a smoother, faster and more flexible kitchen system. It was called the ‘Made For You’ operating system. The McDonalds system that had been so successful was designed to produce just a few types of sandwiches, generally in large quantities, to meet two peak demand periods a day. But, the market had changed. It insisted on having a greater selection of meal options prepared to order. Sandwiches could no longer be pre-made. Everything had to be created fresh for the customer. Changes in cooking equipment and communications technologies allowed McDonalds to launch its new concept.

Bob Marshall- Assistant Vice President of US Operations
“And there were some very specific things that we needed technology to do. One was to be able to get orders to the kitchen and to be able to route it to the person who is best able to handle the next order. And helping us to affect the overall flow of product through the kitchen, we used technology certainly in the cooking process of toasting buns but again the objective of this was to use technology in a place where technology would help the crew or assist the crew and not require the crew to do things differently.”

McDonalds set about implementing the corporations first ever kitchen conversion. But after 6 months only 2200 restaurants had been converted. According to their plan of finishing 160 per week, they should already have completed over 4000 restaurants. Clearly McDonalds needed to step up its efforts if it planned on completing the conversions by its scheduled deadline.

Claire Brabowski- Executive Vice President of Worldwide Systems “We had recently gone through a major reorganisation of the US business where we had taken most of the staff support functions out of the home office here and placed them in one of our 5 divisions around the country. And our operating model for the new structure was that R&D (Research & Development) would be supported and coordinated at home office but implementation was a responsibility of the field. And so as we went into ‘Made For You’ this was our big chance to execute in the new, against the new structure. And so we handed over the new product implementation to the divisions. But, very quickly it was clear that this was short, sighted and inappropriate. For example there are 2 major kitchen equipment suppliers...
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