Mcdonalds Social Responsibility

Topics: McDonald's, Food, Lunch Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: November 17, 2010
5 |Customer Satisfaction:
Form Utility: [McDonald’s restaurant can satisfy the teenagers and elderly wants, because of teenagers like eating the fries and drinking coke for their meal and elderly like free for the re-filling tea or coffee in the morning. Also, there are many different sets of meal can be selected by the buyers and there are happy meals for the child which buy the meal and get the toy1. In today society, he is following the trend and selling the balance diet such as more vegetables in a diet.] | | |6 |Time Utility: [The office hour of McDonald’s restaurant has two types, one is service within 6am to 12midnight, and alternate is service in | |7 |24-hour. McDonald’s restaurant provides breakfast meals, normal meals and happy meals, each of them only supply in a period, for example, | |8 |breakfast meals is only supply within 4am to 11am and the normal meal supply after 11am to midnight. Therefore, the consumers can have the | |9 |relative meal in varies of time.] | |10 | | |11 |Place Utility: [There are 207 McDonald’s restaurants in Hong Kong2 everywhere such as food-joint, sidewalks, malls and subways3. The consumers | |12 |can get into a McDonald’s restaurant at the “must-see” place easily. If the mother joins the membership of Mother’s Club of McDonald’s, then her | |13 |children can get the McDonald’s meal by delivery at the lunch time in their school after their mother ordered4. Therefore, their children can have| |14 |a great meal in their own school.] | |15 |...
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