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Marketing (Written Group Report)

Dr Ioannis Kostopoulos
Assignment 1

Bekir Araz 1109383

Executive Summary

As in group per’s we have being required to analyse the overall performance of an international business restaurants or any kind of company, by inspection the company by going to company see by physical evidence. To see how the business runs and in what process runs. In many international chain companies I have choice Mc Donald’s rather then other big international chain company etc... Costa or Burger kind

But I had some problems before I start doing this assignment because I was doing my assignment individual l because I couldn’t find a group for my self in some reasons. M c Donald’s is one of the largest food retailers in the worlds and fastest growing restaurant in the world. Daily they are serving around 35 to 45 million people food and drinks so by this McDonalds worth more than £25 billion, As we usually see Hamburgers and fries are always been at the front of the menu however they have extensive their menu and offers their consumers full range of desert, hot drinks and cold drinks.

McDonald’s model
Only a small number of percentages of restaurants are owned by McDonald’s company (15%) and the remaining of 85% of McDonalds is operating by franchises. The main owner of the Mc Donald’s monitors and trains them to make sure that they are stick to the Quality, service, and cleanliness and the value that they offered by the McDonalds to the consumers. This can change into high quality products; service the consumer on time with a smile in a clean place. Currently McDonald’s is implementing a world wide strategy and that is called “play to win” which is create to have an excellent customer experience. The 5 segment experience of McDonald’s is Product, price, people, place and promotion. • Product

Product can be the service that they offer to the consumer.
• Place
When I mean place, there needs to be a place that product is available to the consumer at the right place and right time. • Price
It needs to be in right place then you competitors, this is important in marketing mix because it generates the revenue. • Promotion
McDonalds needs to make the right promotion for the consumers so they can feel positive, remember the product. • People
In this stage McDonalds needs to hire, or training their staff member so they can give a good customer service to their consumers.

The other improvement can McDonalds can is produces healthy hamburgers and more soft drinks to consumer that are aware of health problem, this people can be the people that has obesity problems or heart problem because at the moment in McDonalds you are not able to see any kind of fast food for people that has bad health.

Uniform…..(to be extended)
Each manager wear a name badge displaying their first name.


One of McDonald’s dimension of service quality is responsive as staff are prompt although this strategy has its draw backs. Orders cant be made from sitting down on the table you have to go up to the que pressure to order fast because of the long que behind and team leaders shouting at employees for a faster service i.e. “Come On service please” and the employees at the tills often shout at the staff in the kitchen i.e. “Come on can I have that Mac Chicken sandwich” in front of customers this could be perceived to customers as Inappropriate supervisory controls, which could cause discomfort for both staff and customers to rush the service and could be perceived as low customer interaction.

A solution for this could be to, Communicate goal, standards and priorities to employees and Service Blueprinting before hand not on the shop floor, including upper management dedication to quality. Another solution could be that Performance could be monitored and feedback and further...
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