Mcdonalds Product Mix

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Analyzing Consumer Behaviour

To study and analyze the consumer behaviour we conducted an online survey.


The survey asked a total of 10 questions including one question asking them to rate McDonald’s on various parameters like taste, variety, speed of service, etc.

Response was received from 132 customers of McDonald’s.

Profile of respondents

To know the age group of respondents we asked them which age group they belonged. There were three segments in which the response can be divided:

1. Below 23

2. 23 – 28

3. Above 28

The pie chart below shows the breakup of respondents on the basis of their age group.


Around 78% of the respondents who took this survey were in the age group of 23-28. Most of these people from this age group were either students or working people with lesser social obligations. There were very few respondents in the 18-22 age group, who are mainly students, and even fewer respondents from the above 28 years age group who represent the working class.

Importance of various parameters in fast food restaurants

We asked respondents to judge McDonalds on the parameters taste of food, speed of service, cleanliness, ambiance and value for money, as to which is the most important one.

The response received is represented in the pie chart below.


From the survey conducted it was found that around 49% of the respondents preferred fast food joints primarily for the taste/choice of food available. Also a major part of the respondents felt that they visit fast food joints because the food is a good value for money as many items on the menu are available at very low prices. Even if they go out with their friends or family in groups the total bill doesn’t hurt their purse much. Thus the taste of food and value for money are the most critical parameters while selecting a fast food restaurant.

Surprisingly speed of service is the most important parameter only for 8 percent of the respondents.

Customer satisfaction from McDonald’s

Next we asked the respondents to rate McDonald’s on the following parameters:

1. Taste of food

2. Variety of menu

3. Ambiance

4. Value for money

5. Quality of service

6. Speed of service

The respondents were asked to rate each of the six as one of the four: excellent, good, average and poor.


In relation to the response for the question on fast food needs that people seek when it comes to customer satisfaction at McDonald’s it is evident that the around 73% of the respondents felt that the taste of food at McDonald’s is good or excellent. Similarly 63% of the respondents felt that McDonald’s gives a good value for money. Though majority of the people seem satisfied with the ambience, quality of service and speed of service they also feel that the variety offered by McDonald’s in its menu is poor. They feel that the menu could contain more items so that they can get a better choice.

Consistency across joints

McDonald’s is located across various cities in India and it is critical for McDonald’s to maintain consistency across its joints in cities and across cities. This strengthens the brand and retains customers travelling across various cities. To gauge how customers feel about the consistency across its various joints we asked the respondent how they feel about the consistency across various McDonald’s joints.


About 69% of the respondents felt that McDonald’s offers consistent service across its outlets. Also around 47% of the respondents who have experienced McDonald’s service in different cities feel that they get the same service in every outlet irrespective of the city. Around 21% of the respondents felt that McDonald’s does not offer consistent service across its outlets.

Frequency of visits

We asked the respondents for the frequency of visits made to...
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