Mcdonalds Marketing Strategy

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McDonald’s in India
Main challenges in entering Indian market
Industry trends: Overall
McDonald’s marketing mix
Product Life Cycle
Comparison of McDonald’s with its rivals
McDonald’s India in 2010
Market Orientation
McDonald’s Indian future

McDonald was founded by Raymond Kroc in 1954. Today McDonald is the world’s leading food service retailer with more than 31000 restaurants in 119 countries serving more than 50 million customers each day. McDonald’s In India:

McDonald’s, the ninth valuable brand in the world has opened its doors in India on October 1996. McDonald’s India has a joint venture with Connaught Plaza restaurants and Hard Castle restaurants. McDonald’s [India] has a 50 percent equity stake each in both joint venture companies. Connaught Plaza restaurants manage operations and expansions across North India led by Vikram Bakshi where Hard Castle restaurants operate restaurants headed by Amit Jatia who manages operations and expansions across Western India. Main challenges in entering Indian Markets:

Re-engineering the Menu: McDonald’s has developed a menu especially for India with vegetarian selections to suit Indian tastes and culture. Globally McDonald’s was known for its hamburgers, beef and pork burgers. Most Indians are barred by religion not to consume beef or pork. To survive, the company had to be responsive to the Indian sensitivities. So McDonald’s came up with chicken, lamb and fish burgers to suite the Indian palate. The Vegetarian Customer: India has a huge population of vegetarians. To cater to this customer segment, the company came up with a completely new line of vegetarian items like McVeggie burger and McAlooTikki. The separation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections is maintained throughout the various stages of procurement, cooking and serving. McDonald’s Indian Menu:

Vegetarian Non Vegetarian
McVeggie Chicken Maharaja Mac
McAlooTikki McChicken Burger
Paneer Salsa Wrap Shahi Chicken McCurry
Crispy Chinese Wrap Chicken Mexican
McCurry Pan Fillet-O-Fish
Pizza McPuff
Currently McDonald’s have 132 outlets in 34 cities:

McDonald’s has 157 restaurants in India where 83 in North and East India and 74 in West and South India. Industry Trends: Overall
Fast food and chain service restaurants continue to gain in popularity. Fast food has typically been viewed as against healthy eating. But that’s no longer a perception. This is because sub way which was voted top overall for food. But when considering McDonald and Burger king, they did not make it in the top food. But McDonald is doing well in other categories like child friendly and best drive thru ( The main strategy that McDonald’s following is the ‘three- legged stool’. According to this, the company focuses mainly on employees, owners and suppliers. For the successful growth of the company, these three are essential and must be strong. Another McDonald’s strategy is the ‘plan to win’ approach and it functions as a global McDonald’s benchmark for its operation. This strategy focuses on profit growth and long term sustainability of the company. The strategy includes the central 5 P’s which are; people, products, place, price and promotion and the objective is to enhance the customers’ experience and satisfaction. Each P has its own vision, specific objectives and performance measures (Worldwide CR Report, 2006; McDonald’s Worldwide, 2008; Annual McDonald’s...
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