Mcdonalds, Friend or Foe?

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Obesity Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: December 7, 2011
When it comes to fast food, people do not normally look for healthy food, they look for a quick fix to their hunger on the go. Throughout the years fast food has served one main purpose, to have quick and tasty food to fit into their busy schedules. McDonalds is one of the largest growing fast food industries in the world, known for its one main purpose, to serve fast food not think about how much fat or calories is in each meal, so why should they start now? The opposing side may argue that they are feeding America, and therefore causing Americans to become over weight and obese due to the over abundance in calories, fats, and more in each meal that any one person can eat.

Propose this question, are you one person or are you every person in America? Any one person has the choice to eat healthy and manage their own weight, so why blame a fast food restaurant for the reason America is overweight and obese. McDonalds chose to help the overweight and obese population of America by keeping their same menu, but seeing to it that the foods they normally serve is a little healthier, by letting you substitute any meals side with a more suitable side such as fruit, salads, and/or yogurt parfait, and by adding new and healthier foods such s the snack wrap to help adhere to Americas growing overweight and obesity problems.

McDonalds is not the cause of America being overweight and obese, it is Americans in their own. Any person has the choice to choose a healthier meal or a greasy burger from a fast food restaurant and in that moment lays the truth at who’s responsible for the reason American is in the position that we are in today, the people. Many people blame McDonalds for the reason that they are overweight and obese, saying that it is addicting and hard on your health. But studies have shown that, from the past, McDonalds has improved their foods, and are not harmful to the health within reasonable eating habits. It goes to show that it is, and always will be,...
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