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Aim The aim of the project is to find an organization and discuss its internal and external environment factors. Objectives Identify mega and task environment factors. Identify and discuss type of organization Methodology Library books, internet research, questionnaire 4/8/2013 MGT:501 PROJECT PRESENTATION [VISHAAL & RAHUL]


An organization is a social group of people that is managed to meet a need or pursue collective goal. All organizations including McDonald's have a management structure that determines relationships between the different activities and members. Moreover, management subdivides roles, responsibilities and authority to perform tasks.




Political\ Legal Environment



Law Legislation Government food Standards General posture towards business regulation Stability of Country Financial Policies Economic Factors Business Cycle Stage Inflation Interest rate Labor supply cost

Fiji Government chargers Tax The government has strengthened Food Control System

- This laws can’t be challenged, thus if any law changes in any country McDonalds suits with the law and operate the business according to the law of the country

Issue Decreases the level of sale due to the purchasing power of the consumers & product prices.

Response McDonalds keeps lower prices for countries at lower stage of economic development McDonalds employees cost effective promotional tools to keep the final price within reach McDonalds set their price according to the cost of living.




Technological Factors New Technologies New Products Market Opportunities Changes in Internet

Issue Local industries are not sufficiently equipped with required Technologies

Response McDonalds brought technology equipment from foreign countries e.g. Machines for Peeling potatoes Standardization achieved through careful positioning of Technology E.g. use of Customize Database Service

-Socio-Cultural Factors Growing concerns about health & nutrition's Social structure Values Perceptions Religious laws Influences the business current operations & product demand Prohibiting products distribution like beef and pork People started avoiding Fast-Food McDonalds introduces vegetarian menu for Indians in Fiji It integrate with the culture, region, values ethnicity of Fiji McDonalds introduces salad items on their menu & minimize cholesterol by using right oil




Consumers Individuals Schools Hospital Government agencies Wholesalers Retailer Manufacturers Competitors Pizza King Pizza Hut Wish Nandos Joji’s

Issues Most consumers demand healthier top quality food that is low in calories and Cholesterol Healthy diet

Response McDonalds respond to this issue and introduced a new & innovative product. This new product was a regular hamburger like real thing but was made of plant material like Soya beans McWraps Response creating innovative products e.g. Happy Meal it is differentiating itself by allowing the customers to access the internet with the wireless technology platform Rebuilding these restaurants to make the environment more attractive

Issue the competitors are producing the same products like Hamburgers, chicken Nuggests & Fries and high-quality food at lower price and attracting customer towards them.




Suppliers Coca Cola GoodmanFielder Ingham (New Zealand) Ram Sami & Son

Issue Local producer are not able supply chicken patties, nuggets and beef Storage of vegetable due bad weather in Fiji (Temporary)

Response McDonald imports most its product vegetable like Lettuce and Onion from Zealand and Australia if not available in Fiji Halal Beef is also brought from Zealand

Labour Supply Students ( FNU, USP) Full time worker Part time worker...
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