Mcdonalds Employment

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The next critical issue is Employment. We see employment as an issue because McDonalds though it employs over a million people has gotten a bad reputation as an employer. This is because employees are seen as expendable and made to work long hours for low wages and under bad conditions. They are hired to do task that require them to follow already set exact programs that tell them when to do every task. This means there is very little room for individualism and still building (2). One alternative to the current system, is putting emphasis on expanding their HR platform already in place and incorporating the employees more in the workings of the restaurant. This can be done through having more crew meetings and RAP sessions. Also they can improve procedures for dealing with grievances and adding things like opinion surveys (2). This type of change would start as a mandate at the corporate level but all implementation would be done by the individual managers of each store. One of the best things about this approach is that it can be started almost immediately. This is because it does not require any extra infrastructure or long deliberation between parties. You can start enforcing more meetings and starting the RAP sessions first. Then once management has agreed upon a new way to handle grievances and what to put on the opinion surveys, they could begin to implement them as well. Another alternative is for McDonalds to finally allow unions. McDonalds has not allowed unions in the past and have even fought against their employees being able to create a union. They did this under the belief that all issues and problems regarding employment conditions are better solved within the company (2). What we would propose would be to allow employees to create unions but first the company should create a set of rules and regulations to deal with the union and a strategy for effective cooperation between the parties. This would be a project that starts...
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