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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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McDonald’s Tests Catfish Sandwich
This case describes the test marketing for McDonald’s catfish sandwich in the Southeastern United States. It asks students to assume they are the new product development team and to assess the research design described.

>The Scenario
Nashville, Tennessee—McDonald’s Corp. is trying to hook customers in southern test markets, including one in Kentucky, on a new catfish sandwich. The chain is serving its newest sandwich in Bowling Green, Kentucky; Memphis, Chattanooga, and Jackson, Tennessee; Huntsville, Alabama; Jonesboro, Arkansas; and Columbus, Tupelo, Greenville, and Greenwood, Mississippi, said Jane Basten, a marketing specialist for McDonald’s in Nashville. The sandwich consists of a 2.3-ounce catfish patty, lettuce, and tangy sauce served on a homestyle bun.

The company will evaluate the sandwich based on sales and supply availability after a six-week ad campaign ends in mid-April. “The advertising will be similar to what we’re doing right now with the grilled steak sandwich,” Basten said. “We will promote it to the fullest and see what happens.”

The Catfish Institute, an industry promotion association based in Belzoni, Mississippi, is supplying the catfish.
Catfish Institute director Bill Allen said catfish farmers, processors, and marketers are “very excited about this prospect for our industry. This is super good news.
“But we don’t want to get our hopes up too much and start thinking this is going to be our salvation, because we already have a viable industry.” Allen said that catfish firms that remember earlier tie-ups with major restaurant chains such as Church’s Fried Chicken are cautiously optimistic about the McDonald’s deal.

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McDonald’s Tests Catfish Sandwich

> Discussion
1. The management team for new product development was interested in assessing the relevancy of the chosen test markets to the three states...
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