Mcdonalds Case Study Project Managment

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1. Introduction
1.1 History of McDonald's
1.2Philosophy of the company

2. Task 1: SWOT Analysis
2.1 Strengths
2.2 Weakness
2.3 Opportunities
2.4 Threats

3. Task 2: McDonald's Plan to Win Strategy
3.1 Implementation of key elements new Strategies
3.2 SWOT Analysis and Plan to Win

4. Task 3: McDonald's 2003-2009 Strategy
4.1 McDonald's Dynamic Strategy
4.2 Strategies Comparison

5. Task 4: McDonald's Competitors
5.1 Wendy's
5.2 Jack in the Box
5.3 Sonic

6. References

7. Bibliography

1. Introduction

1.1 History of McDonald's

The first McDonald's was inaugurated by the McDonald's brothers in 1948, constituting itself as the first local in the history of the quick service of foods, in San Bernardino, California (U.S). They offered quick food, soon they reached a high level of sales and although the menu was limited the success that is to say previously prepared food and served to high speed. Without a doubt the base of its success was in substituting the conventional china that you/they used the rest of restaurants, for the paper bags. It was then when the supplier of the shaking machine shake, Ray Kroc, surprised by the quantity of "Multi-mixers" requested, it proposed the opening of new restaurants. This way in 1955 the first local of the Corporation was inaugurated in charge of Ray Kroc. During the 50´s and the 60´s, Ray's managerial team Kroc established the successful philosophy of the system of the company: Quality, Service, Cleaning and Value. At the moment this Franchise possesses more than 25.000 establishments in 117 countries and five are the continents in which the Golden Arches run off with, number that was increased more with the recent opening of 3.000 local during 1999. Although McDonald's offers its clients a standard menu in its entire local, it is common that these menus combine with special products that are developed in each culture depending on the likes of the clients. {Love, 1995 #4}

1.2 Philosophy of the company

The company brought to this new market of the quick foods a concept of original quick service, where of the details is taken care to the maximum, to offer the consumer an excellent product. The operative philosophy of the McDonald's system is based on the Quality, Service, Cleaning and Value for 44 years. The company offers a standard menu, although it develops in each culture special products that are adjusted to the pleasure of the community. McDonald’s is successful because it has a system of corporate norms and individual opportunities, to all the Franchised they are integrated in the same philosophy of values and clear expectations. For McDonald's the employees are the most important thing. It is thanks to them for what the clients are taken an incredible experience in each visit and want to return. The principles of Quality, Service and Cleaning begin with their own employees, McDonald's guides all the actions according to organizational values as working in team, to feel passion for the work always offering the best of themselves, to be committed with the partners and with the mission of the company, to be entire in each one of the actions, to be leaders.{Kroc, 1987 #5}

McDonald's is a company that offers work eminently to young people over 16 years, it is for it, for what its schedules of work are enough flexible to be able to continue the studies, adding an unique labor experience, it can even become the first step of a great professional career in an international company. The competitors of McDonald's is formed by all those companies that act in the sector of the quick foods that using a very similar technology tries to assist to the same type of clients. When McDonald's begun to give its first steps restaurants of quick food they didn't exist, so soon he became the leader of the sector. It was starting from that Ray Kroc...
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