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Final Report| March 29
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Strategy and Key HR Challenges
Organisation’s Background
One of our group members currently holds a position at a McDonalds franchise on the Gold Coast. As a team we have collectively decided to take full advantage of this connection, and establish a sponsorship agreement with the Coolangatta Store. This store is one of four that the owner Michelle and Peter Orton own and run; Marina Mirage, Burleigh Heads, Coolangatta and Tweed Centro these four stores currently make up the over 780 McDonalds franchises Australia wide employing around 85,000 people. The Coolangatta store we will be focusing on consists of six fulltime managers, an area co-ordinator, six crew trainers and 28 crew members The McDonalds organisation is committed to QSC – quality, service and cleanliness. In doing this they are striving towards gaining trust and respect from their customers. The restaurant chain primarily sells fast and convenient foods such as hamburgers, fries, chicken products and desserts, but also caters for the health conscience by delivering heart tick approved meals and deli choice options. As part of their marketing mix they have differentiate themselves from competitors by placing an emphasis on customer satisfaction and the customer experience as whole. In comparison to Hungry Jacks “the burgers are better” slogan which stresses only the burgers are better. Organisational Culture

The McDonalds organisation has a very distinctive culture. Their mission statement illustrates the importance the company holds in creating a happy and productive work force. With statements such as “At McDonald’s, people are the key to our success”. McDonalds is also involved in numerous charities such as The Ronald McDonald house, Camp Quality, Queensland swimming and countless others. The atmosphere which the company wished to create is outlined best on their website “Your trust is a precious asset to our business. We strive to preserve and build on it every day. That's why we work to do what is right in the community and integrate social and environmental priorities into our restaurants and relationships.” All the additional causes the company is involved in helps to build create and sustain a corporate culture in which customer service and staff participation/development are integral parts. McDonald’s core values appear in everyday activities and are used as a guide for their strategic direction. They place the customer experience at the centre of everything they do. * They are committed to the people

* They believe in the McDonald’s System
* They operate their businesses ethically
* They give back to the community
* They grow the business profitably and;
* Strive continually to improve

Human Resource Approach
Employing such a vast number of people the McDonalds organisation places much emphasis on human resource management. Much of the human resource strategy overlaps and intertwines with the main strategy of the company. Employees are viewed as a major asset to the company and programs have been developed in line with this point of view. These include pathways to promotion, flexible work hours and additional training programs. Much of the stated aims are fulfilled and seem to be consistent with the written strategy.

Focal Job – Crew Member
Within each franchise there are a number of positions that contribute to the operations of running a successful store. Basically the following positions listed from the top down are: * Store manager

* 1st Assistant
* 2nd Assistant
* Shift Supervisor
* Area Co-ordinator
* Crew Training Coordinator
* Chief Crew
* Crew Trainer
* Crew Member
We have decided to focus on the basic crew member, despite being the first level of entry for employees nothing would happen without the crew. There are three divisions that the crew member can fall into: 1. Front Counter

2. Back Area
3. McCafe...
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