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St. John’s Central College

Business Management Assignment
Level 6


Harold Bakaitis

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For this Business Administration assignment I am required to investigate and analyse company. I decided to choose McDonalds Corporation, because it is one of the best known restaurants in the world and because I am working in this company and I am interested what I will find out about this company. This assignment involves the brief history, type of the company, product range, human resources, quality systems, the structure and functions of departments and communications systems. This assignment will give the idea what actually is McDonalds Corporation. I hope with this project I will get a good knowledge about McDonalds and will share the information I collected. And, In the end, I will give this assignment’s conclusions.

For my bma I ave to do stow and pest analysis to one of my… I have choose mcdonalds.
It is priveli limited, run by shareholders


Organisational Chart


Put the photo of swot and maybe explain


McDonalds is a large and a very profitable corporation. The Company generated revenue of more than 27 billion dollars in 2011 and the total net income of 5.5 billion dollars in the same year. McDonalds is the largest fast-food restaurant chain in the world. There are more than 33 thousands restaurants in the world. McDonalds serves more than 64 million customers every day in 119 countries. It has employed more than 1.5 million people, currently around 400 thousand people are employed in McDonalds. McDonalds value their team members and the contribution they make to McDonalds Company. That’s why McDonalds make sure that employees have the support and encouragement they need to make their job at McDonald’s a great experience. Every McDonald’s employee has: The chance to fulfil you potential whatever you aspire to; Flexibility to structure your job so you can live the way you want to; Building confidence and developing your work and life skills; an engaging and structured work place. We'll offer you an organised and fun place to work McDonald's recognise that people are at the heart of their business and bring their brand to life. Crew member is a key player within the restaurant and its training is a priority to help ensure that crew member has the skills and the knowledge to deliver outstanding Quality, Service and Cleanliness to each and every customer. McDonalds Crew Development Programme, or CDP, takes from being a brand new starter on first day, to a fully trained McDonald's crew member and possibly beyond. Working through the CDP will not only help deliver great QS&C for McDonalds customers, crew members also learn new skills, gain confidence and feel part of a great team. McDonalds also like to recognise and reward team members who contribute to the restaurant's success, so as McDonalds employees learn and develop more skills, their efforts will be rewarded on their performance reviews. McDonalds training programme is a two-way commitment. The management team is committed to training crew members to a high standard, but employees are also expected to commit to continually developing their self. McDonald’s has been named 8 years in the row as one of the best places to work in Ireland. Good innovation and product development. It continually works towards keeping customers in the business. The McDonalds brand offers consumers choice, reasonable value and efficient service. Large amounts of investment have been put into supporting the franchise network, 75% of stores are franchises. McDonalds now using only Irish Beef.

They putting now the calories of every product they...
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