Mcdonalds's Environmental Factors in Marketing

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McDonalds’s Environmental factors in Marketing
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The most important part of a company’s marketing plan is its environmental plan. A business’s environmental plan can include such thing as ecological, political, technology ethical issues, social, and cultural issues. McDonald’s is known as a global company that is can face many of the previous mentioned environmental factors mentioned previously. McDonald’s is a company that has businesses worldwide and is a company that has to deal with many of these factors. Any of the environmental issues ecological, political, technology ethical issues social and cultural issues can affect McDonald’s marketing plans. McDonald’s can be affected by any of these factors within any area of the U. S. and not just foreign countries. “McDonald’s has more than 30,000 local restaurants in more than 120 countries, 70% of the restaurants worldwide are owned, and operated by independent, local businessmen, and businesswomen” (McDonald’s Global, 2007). The Lewis says, “That larger environmental factors can usually affect the way companies such as McDonald’s market worldwide with many factors being considered for all of their restaurants. High-level Domestic and even global environments as well just depending on the area of the market, then marketing strategy will have to change. One example would is China, cause China’s government has control of the majority of all their business. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) largely maintained control over the political content of mass media communication. Television, radio, and newspaper commercials voice party lines and party slogans” (Lewis, 2002). Only advertising can go out through the air waves only after it has receive the okay or permission from the CCP and is tagged with a political ad, many other issues could affect the business is for McDonald’s and their Business. An example of this could be a country like India...
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