Mcdonaldization of Society

Topics: Max Weber, McDonaldization, Sociology Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: May 14, 2013
McDonaldization of Society
Paul Slaght
Grantham University

McDonaldization of Society
Max Weber’s “Theory of Ideal Bureaucracies” identified six key characteristics that define an ideal type of bureaucracy. In his model the following show what an ideal bureaucracy should look like: 1. High degree of division of labor and specialization - Every manager and worker must perform specific tasks. 2. Hierarchy of Authority - A chain of command. Someone answers to someone above them. 3. Explicit written instructions and regulations - Written rules and regulations that govern any possible situation or scenario that a worker might encounter. 4. Impersonality - Personal feelings have no place in the work place. Everyone should follow the written rules. 5. Qualification-based employment - Employees get hired based on objective criteria such as skills, education, experience and scores on standardized tests. Promotions may be achieved if the workers perform well, have the necessary credentials and technical competence 6. Separation of work and ownership - Managers and employees don’t own the office space, furniture, appliances or any equipment necessary to perform their work in the place of employment. George Ritzer’s theory of “The McDonaldization of Society” [ (Benokraitis, 2010, 2012) ] illustrates the four main principles that McDonalds fast food restaurants utilize: 1. Efficiency - Consumer has a quick way of getting meals. The workers also function efficiently; 2. Calculability - Demonstrates the quantity of products sold, the price for the products and the amount of time it takes to obtain the product. 3. Predictability - Means that the products and service will be the same at all locations. You can order a Big Mac in Junction City, KS or Okinawa, Japan. It will look and should taste the same. 4. Control - Means that technology shapes behavior. Basically, McDonalds has a stripped down menu and uncomfortable seating so that a...
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