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. McDonaldization is a term used by Sociologist George Ritzer. He explains it as the method in which a culture takes on the characteristics of a fast-food facility. Ritzer analyses the particular ways in which the success of the American hamburger chain has impacted upon not only economic patterns, but in particular on a multitude of facets of social life in general; Basing his analysis on Max Weber's theory of rationalization. McDonaldization is seen as moving from traditional to rational modes of thought. It has many effects on society. A few effects are categorized by efficiency, calculability, predictability and control. According to Ritzer these are the four primary components of McDonaldization.

The First is Efficiency. Efficiency is thrust upon a person, so instead of choosing your own methods of efficiency, you are forced to accept the efficiency of the surrounding institutions. Efficiency is convenient for the business but makes more work for the consumer. A few examples are ATM’S, buffet’s, self serve stations and automatic car washes. Although many people may argue that this is convenient rather that inconvenient it reduces the level of human interaction. Consumers are forced to deal with computers rather that a person and this is training to be a better worker for the McDonaldization society. Each and every process of the business is organized to ensure that everything happens at the right time and the right place to ensure that the maximum gratification for the customer and the maximum profit for the company are ensured.

Second is Calculability. Calculability is an emphasis on the quantitative aspects of products sold and service offered. People think “more is better.” If there is a lot of a product than it must be good. Consumers think they get more for their money so super size it. McDonald’s gives a strong emphasis on the quantity of their products. The customer should get the feeling that he gets much for what he has bought, and that he...
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