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ationMcDonaldization is a search for maximum efficiency in increasingly numerous and diverse social settings. In a McDonaldized society, people rarely search for the best means to an end on their own. They rely on the optimum means that have been previously discovered and institutionalized in a variety of social settings. It would be inefficient if people always had to discover for themselves the most efficient way to do something. McDonaldization is almost always used in the corporate world as a way to cut costs, labor, and expenses. By cutting costs companies can make more profit and expand, which is the point of almost every business.

There are plenty of examples in my life, where my daily life has become mcDonaldized. Now instead of going to Blockbuster to rent a movie, I just turn on my TV and buy it on pay per view, or go to the local Red Box at a supermarket and rent a movie while I’m already there doing my grocery shopping. By not having to leave my house to rent a movie in the case of renting pay per view, I can save time, money in gas, wear and tear on my car, and just the fact that I get the movie instantly without waiting.

Another example of McDonaldization in my life is the way you order a pizza when you’re hungry. Today you can order a pizza by phone, email or even by going to a website to place an order. You no longer have to leave your house drive to a pizzeria, place your order, and wait for it to be prepared, then drive home and eat your pizza. Now you can have it ready ahead of time because of technology if you decide to go pick it up, or you can even have it delivered to you. There is nothing more convenient when you’re short on time and hungry, than ordering a pizza and having it delivered right to you without ever leaving your house. Another example of McDonaldization in my life is online retail shopping. Now instead of getting in my car and driving to the mall or other retail store I just hop online and with a few clicks have an item...
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