McDonald's Propaganda

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Super-Size Me
It is evident that people in today’s society are easily manipulated.  A common way people do this is with propaganda. Card stacking is a common propaganda we see every day, but are still unaware of. It is a type of propaganda when only the positives are presented in a statement or proposal. An entity with power is able to control someone’s decision and opinion through the use of the card stacking propaganda.                

Ray Kroc, the owner of McDonalds once said “look after the customer and the business will take care of itself."  This is not true; in fact they do not care for their customers at all. In the documentary “Super Size Me” David Satcher states that you go to any fast-food store and they are trained to tell you to upgrade to a bigger size for a certain amount of cents”.  This is a card stacking type of propaganda because they are only stating the positive side to the proposal, which is only stating that it is cheaper. They do not tell you about how much more calories you intake from upgrading your food size or any other negative to that proposal.  I feel like this is just as bad as lying to your customers. The fast food corporation just care about their profit and how they can make more from us. As young kids are lured into going to McDonalds for the happy meals, toys, and playground they are only shown the positive side of eating at McDonalds. Young kids are manipulated at such a young age and fall for such propaganda. The parents are just as unaware of it just as much as the kids are. For me this is a scary thought because one corporation is mad handling the way we humans eat since there are over 30,000 McDonalds worldwide in over one hundred countries.                

When Morgan Spurlock went on a hunt for finding the nutrition charts, he found that over half of all U.S. citizens still don’t have internet access to find the nutrition online, so he went in McDonald stores throughout Manhattan he found that only one in two...
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