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In 1954, exclusive milkshake maker Multimixer, Raymond Albert Kroc mortgaged his home and went all the way to California after hearing about Dick&Mac McDonald hamburger stand made used of eight Multimixer at one time. He bought over the license and start opening up several restaurants all over US. The first McDonald restaurant was in Des Plaines, Illinois earned $366.12 on its very first day (McDonald, 2007). Over the time, it had grown to one of the largest food service company and holds a strong position in the market. The company is built out of five major activities; Operation, Development, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource (Bized, 2006). Using the PEST and SWOT analysis, this report attempts to observe the structure inside McDonald Corporation and its adaptability level to the external environment. Some possible future strategies were also mentioned within, consisting what sort of movement the company might want to take to expand their market.

2.Research Objectives

To investigate the management system of one big corporation •To analyze its present position, their stability in the market and the competitions it faces using the PEST and SWOT Analysis method •To acquaint the strategies taken by this corporation in order to held its position •To suggest some future strategic direction the company might want to take to keep up the trends in the world today.

3. Research Methods

3.1 Secondary Data
This report were base on sources taken from management books and ase study books, online journals, articles from sites related to the company and its overall performance.

3.2 Evaluation of Secondary Data The sources of data mentioned above were put together and evaluated to bring up the ideas and facts it contains.

Primary data is not given due to the limitation of area this report observed.The limitation of the secondary data approach would be the inability to give out societies’ points of view about McDonald Corporation. 4. Main Body

4.1 Company Background

After 10 years of existence, McDonald entered Wall Street for the first time in 1965, offering on the stock exchange worth $22.5 dollars. Today their stock market had risen up to $ 59.37 dollars in the first quarter of 2007.

According to Fortune 500 index 2007, the company ranked as the 108th America largest corporation, followed by its biggest competitor Wendy’s International and Burger King Holdings placed in 562nd and 842nd.

Figure 1. Revenue (from 1997 to 2006) $Mil (MorningStar, 2007)

Ray Croc based his company in a fundamental principles called Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (Q., S,. C. & V.). Interbrand rewarded McDonald as the leading brand in the world in 1997, but then it slipped to the 2nd best brand in 2006 (Bized, 2006). The icon, Ronald McDonald –the clown- was even more adored by younger customers after they launched such packet called “Happy Meal” in 1979, offered gifts and toys within the meal. The company’s power is more under its strategic marketing, which tries to adapt to local tastes and still didn’t lose their trademark in the same time.

Today, more than 3000 outlets is open in 120 countries, serving up to 52 million of people around the world, 80% are owned by franchisees (McDonald, 2006). A percentage of its revenue is allocated for their marketing research and R&D. McDonald in Asia was started in Japan (1971) and had spreading its branches to a wider market such as in India and Sri Lanka.

4.2 PEST Analysis

By analyzing its political, economic, socio-cultural and technology aspects, we can define how McDonalds Corporation can adapt to the external environment.

In order to gain good impression of a fun and caring family restaurant, McDonald had built Ronald McDonald House Charity Fund...
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