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Inspecting assembled products for appearance and taste :
* For hot products, make sure they have been in the Heated Landing Zone(HLZ) for 1 minutes. * Unwrap or open the product’s wrap, check to see if the product has the following characteristics : -products look appetizing.

- it is neatly and correctly dressed, with tender loving care. - it is not crushed or abused.
-it does not have condiments on wrap, box or bowl.

Inspecting assembled products for temperature :
* Always cook and hold products to meet food safety standards. Monitor food safety of products from the universal holding cabinet (UHC). Keep in mind that regular menu cooked products in the UHC must be held at 140°F (60°C) or above. * Completed products must also meet the McDonald’s standards for quality characteristics.

1. Initiator
* Is responsible for starting the assembly process and for the initial accuracy of the order. * Monitor the KVS(kitchen video system) and respond to new orders on the screen. 2. Assembler

* Is responsible in putting all of the components together and creating hot, fresh, and delicious sandwiches and nuggets. * Pull wrap, box, or bowl from initiator and assembles the rest orders, building sandwiches and wrapping and packaging products. 3. Chaser

* Steps in between the initiator and the assembler to assist when more than 3 orders appear on KVS monitor. * Help to prepare orders and reduce the number or orders on the KVS monitor. * The production manager or shift manager serves as a chaser.

4. Prep person
* Assembling salads, rotating products, setting up the prep tables and preparing for transition, stocking the prep table, tempering cheese and sauces, pulling or thawing appropriate items for the next day’s use. 5. Bun person

* Responsible for toasting and steaming buns during higher volume periods.

Procedure :
* Carefully follow the procedures for sanitized towels and grill cloths * All surfaces in the production area must be washed at least once per day with McD Heavy-Duty Degreaser to remove any grease or soil build-up from the surface. * Wipe the top and front of prep tables often with clean, sanitized towel to avoid cross-contamination and bacterial growth. * Sweep the grill area, prep table area, and toaster area regularly with broom or dustpan. * Mop regularly using hot water mixed with floor care solution to keep the floor from getting slippery. Utensil and small equipment

* Must be cleaned and sanitized in every 4 hours to meet food safety standards. * Discard the towel into the soiled towel bucket.
* Toaster must keep cleaned throughout the day. Keep the area free from crumbs and sesame seeds. * Chicken cutting tool and cutting board must be sanitized and cleaned in every 4 hours. * Clean moveable equipment as needed at the backsink


Dispensing dinks procedure :
1. Select requested cup size
2. Add ice
3. Set cup under requested soft drink faucet
4. Push soft drink size button
5. Cap drink
6. Clean up (wipe down with clean, sanitize towel )

Restocking the breakfast area :
1. Remove stock from stock area, pulling oldest stock first * Be sure to follow use-thru dates, pulling lodest stock first. 2. Place new product in clean, sanitized pan
* Do not put any new product into containers that have not be cleaned or sanitized first. 3. Use oldest product completely before adding new product * Do not pull the new product on top of the old product in the containers at the prep table. If small amount of old product remains, it can be emptied onto the newly stocked product. 4. Mark secondary shelf life

* Use restaurant labeling system to mark the secondary shelf life for each item.

Material Safety Data Sheets
Contain following information :
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