Mcdonald History

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  • Published : March 12, 2008
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McDonald's is a restaurant that everybody knows. McDonald was created by sibling Dick and Mac McDonald. The Brothers started out with opening a hotdog stand in 1937 called Airdrome. So the brother decided to expand the business and come up with a different type of restaurant. McDonald opens in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. The menu consisted of 25 items and most of was barbecue products. McDonald became a popular place for teen to hang out at. So McDonald stays open for several years but they wanted to close down. The reason they closed down they want to do something different with there restaurant. So they closed down for several months. They brother wanted to be the first restaurant that implement "Speedee Services". They came up with this idea because they most there profit off of burgers, and since the burger did not take that long to make they could have fast services. In 1948 McDonald establish the principles of the modern fast-food restaurant. They also started selling French fries and milkshakes to go along with there burgers. So they became popular in San Bernardino, California, so the brother decided to franchise the restaurant. The second McDonald open in Phoenix, Arizona. The third open in Saginaw, Michigan and the forth open in Downey, California. In 1961 The McDonald sold the business to a man name Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc has been working with McDonald for about six years helping the franchise expand. So it was a smart move by McDonald brother to give there business to him. So McDonald really branch out in the 60's. In 1967 McDonald open there first restaurant outside America. They open one in Richmond, British Columbia. In 1970 McDonald opens in Costa Rica which is the third country that has a McDonalds. It was the first restaurant in Latin America. In 1971 McDonalds open in Tokyo, Japan. The business was really spreading across the world. By 1974 McDonald had 3000 plus McDonald across the world. This business was moving quick and started to make...
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