Mcdonald's vs Subway

Topics: Fast food, Atmosphere, Subway Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: February 23, 2012
Which is better? McDonald’s VS Subway
Nowadays many people eat fast food and there are competitions among the stores. The two most popular fast-food restaurants are McDonald’s and Subway and they both attract customers in different ways. First, the unique variety of menu of both stores attracts customers. McDonald’s offers wide range of hamburgers and drinks from shakes to coffee and even some desert menu. The hamburgers are already made at the back of the kitchen so it could be served very fast as its system. The menus of hamburgers are already arranged with many varieties providing different size range, from the kids size “Happy-meal” to a large size “Big Mac” and sometimes even a seasonal menu to attract customer’s attention. They also offer many set menus for different age groups for example; Happy-set for young aged customers with toys. On the other hand, Subway is a healthy based submarine sandwich chain also offering some arranged menus and also they make a sandwich with any combination of ingredients in front of the customers. Subway also offers some set menu for kids including fruits to balance the nutrition in one meal. Subway always offers meal with a relatively low calorie from fats providing many high nutritious side menus for examples salads, and including many varieties of fresh vegetables. To sum up, McDonald’s provides fast survive with simple menus and Subway provides healthy menus with the free choice to make personal sandwich. Second, the different aspects on atmosphere of each store attract people in different ways. Brightness is one of the main aspects which control the atmosphere of the store. McDonald’s has a yellow lightening and the store is always filled with bright lights. On the other hand, Subway has a dim lightening compared to McDonald’s with more natural lights which make its atmosphere more relaxing. The different genre of the music also inspires the atmosphere of the store. McDonald’s in Japan plays many...
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