Mcdonald's vs. Subway

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McDonald’s vs. Subway Convenience or Health Darlene Freeman University Composition and Communication 1 August, 23, 2012 Karen Robinson


The amount of obesity in America has grown rapidly in the last 30 years, a time period that has watched not only the fast food industry grow, but also the amount of Americans gaining weight, are growing with them. The population as a whole has become over ran with the pace of today’s society, because of the fact that so many households are requiring the women to work to make ends meet. With the economy in such a low state, and the people are in such a hurry, most families resort to fast food as a quick fix for their meals without a second thought of the effects it has on the health. The growth of Americans relying on fast food for their meals is lacking knowledge of the health risks considering the lack of nutrition.

The percentages of America’s children that are overweight and obese are astonishing as well as scary. Reports show that 14% of children are overweight, and 60% of children are obese. Reports of fast food contributing to the obesity of children and young adults according to Brownell, PhD,” 30.3% of children eat fast food on a given day. A study with young adults found that among Caucasian’s, but not the African Americans, eating fast food more than twice per week was associated with 86% increased risk of becoming obese”. Fast food is associated with high calorie intake and the rising risk of obesity in our children. While obesity is a major health problem in America, it is joined by...
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