Mcdonald's Restaurant Case Study

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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McDonald’s “seniors” Restaurant dore/sibm mm/Dec9,2012 Ms Siddhi Nawani is manager of a McDonald’s restaurant in a city with many seniors. She has noticed some senior citizens have become not just regular patrons- but patrons who come for breakfast and stay on until about 3 pm. Many of these older customers were attracted initially by a monthly breakfast special for people aged 55years and older. The meal costs $1.99 and refill of coffee free. Every fourth Monday, between 100 and 150 seniors jam Siddhi’s McDonald for the special offer. But now almost as many of them are coming everyday- turning the fst food restaurant into a meeting place. They sit for hours with a cup of coffee, chatting with friends. On most days, as many as 100 will stay from one to four hours. Siddhi,s employees have been very friendly the seniors, calling by their first names and visiting with them each day. In fact, Siddhi’s restaurant is a happy place- with her employees developing close relationship with the seniors. Some employees have even visited customers who have been hospitalized. “You know” , Siddhi says, “I really get attached to the customers. They are like my family. I really care about these people”. They are all “friends” and it is part of McDonald’s corporate philosophy ( as reflected in its website, to be friendly with its customers and to give back to the communities it serves. The older customers are an orderly group and friendly to anyone who comes in. Further, they are neater than most customers and clean up heir tables before they leave. Nevertheless, Siddhi is beginning to wonder if anything should be done over her growing “non-fast food” clientele. There is no crowding problem yet, during the time when the seniors like to come. But if the size of the senior citizens group continues to grow , crowding could become a problem. Further, Siddhi is concerned that her restaurant might come to...
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