Mcdonald's Research Paper Outline

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  • Published : March 26, 2012
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McDonald's Research Paper Outline
Karen D. Cooper
Cohort: MSM 19
BUS 501 – Foundations of Executive Management
March 29, 2011


I. Mission
a. Favorite place and way to eat
b. Best employer
1. Every community
2. Worldwide
c. Operational excellence
d. Enduring profitable growth
1. Expanding the brand
2. Leveraging the strengths
II. Differ from mission
a. Best quick service restaurant
1. Outstanding quality and service
2. Cleanliness and value
3. Every customer smile
b. Focus on three strategies of mission
III. Core Values
a. Customer experience
1. Reason for McDonald’s existence
2. QSC&V
b. Committment to employees
1. Develop leaders
2. Reward achievement
3. Diverse backgrounds
c. Operate business ethically
1. High standards
2. Accountability
d. Give back to the community
1. Ronald McDonald Houst
e. Profitability and improvement
1. Franchise
2. Anticipate changing customer
IV. Ethics
a. Our Standards of Business Conduct
1. Framework of the core values
2. 40 years
3. Two revisions
b. Function on three basic principles
1. Personal accountbility
2. Open communication
3. Responsible action
V. Major thinkers
a. Ray Kroc
1. The founder and builder
2. Established discipline on hamburgers and fries 3. Turned McDonald’s into a franchise
b. James A. Skinner
1. Top Gun CEO...
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