Mcdonald's Hr Issues

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Alexsandra Simoes
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McDonald’s Human Resources Management Issues
One of the reasons for the success of McDonald’s lies with the human resource management. McDonald’s started in 1937 when the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald opened a small family restaurant selling hamburgers and hot dogs in San Bernardino, California. Today McDonald’s became the world’s largest fast food service company with more than 32,000 restaurants and 1.7 million employees around the world. Besides emphasizing the values of the company for high quality food, fast service, clean environment and low prices, what was the secret of human resource management in order for McDonald’s to attain such fame?

It is believed that McDonald’s commitment to its employees is one of the reasons for the company’s accomplishments. The human resource management’s fair policies and practices has influenced the McDonalds’ employees performance and contributed to the company’s great success. According to the available policies from Mcdonald’s website, they “provide opportunities for recruitment, employment, training, development, performance reviews, pay, advancement and any other aspect of employment based solely on individual abilities and job performance.”

Employment and recruiting is one of the first roles of McDonalds’ human resource management . Finding the right people for job applications, deciding on who will be hired and training the new employee are difficult tasks that can be costly to the company. There are many methods of recruitment that are commonly used by McDonald’s such as: advertising, employees who recommend candidates, recruitment and unemployment agencies.

To be part of the organization’s environment, the candidates can choose either to apply online on the McDonald’s website or deliver personally the resume. After filling out the application with all information required. McDonald’s management will decide as to the outcome of the application. If the outcome of the application form is positive, the candidate will be invited by the recruiter for an interview with the manager. In the same time the candidate’s references are checked at the source such as the previous employers.

There is a disadvantage with the recruitment method of employee recommendation . It is believed that this method doesn’t give everyone’s the chances of obtaining a job inside the company. McDonalds can consider the employees recommendation and disfavor other applicants with no influences inside the company. However, the advantage of this type of recruitment method is that McDonald’s doesn’t have to spend much money with advertisements. Overall, McDonald’s is an equal opportunity employer and know that all employees, each one with their own unique skills and qualities, are the most valuable resource a company can have.

Besides recruitment and selection another role of McDonald’s human resource management is the performance of the job analysis. Job analysis is very important to any company as managers can have all information about a job and understand what kind of skills it is necessary to accomplish such job. The job analysis help managers in the selection procedure, making sure that each employee have the abilities to perform the job effectively. At McDonald’s for example, manager specialist does not know the details of job as well as operating managers do.

McDonalds’ employees go through three different steps to help managers perform the job analysis. The first step is to fill a questionnaire every two months to collect information about the performance of the restaurant so facts about duties, responsibilities and activities of a job can be gathered. The second step is also a way to gather the information about a job and to achieve different satisfaction levels. The third step is to hire the best employees so as to fill the available positions.

McDonald’s follows principles that impact...
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