Mcdonald's French Success Story

Topics: Fast food, French people, Demographics of France Pages: 3 (1277 words) Published: October 9, 2012
McDonald’s French Success Story
With a presence in 124 countries, 31,000 restaurants and more than 1.5 million employees across the world, McDonald’s establishment has been successful in several parts of the world, and especially in France, its second world market (according with McDonald’s website). That sounds impressive because McDonald's symbolizes "Americanization" and junk food whereas France is famous for its high-quality food and its cultural exception. Actually French culture and McDonald's look entirely opposite (in bulldozed restaurant in Millau in 1999 by José Bové). So how McDonald's has managed to be so successful in a country appearing not welcoming ?

To build this report, we used several documents, from specialized press articles to a University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business paper. To have a complete analyse of McDonalds keys success, we also overlooked all departments from human resources management to marketing and logistics. All our sources are mentioned at the end of the report in APA style.

Along our different researches we had some complementary information on McDonald’s strategy and adaptability on French market. Thanks to sociological articles and essays we have a better understanding of French perception over American fast foods and especially McDonald’s. In this article Rick Fantasia resume the initial misunderstanding between Fast food and French culture “Fast food, with its suggestion of speed, standardization, and the homogenization of taste, would seem to represent the direct inverse of French gastronomic practices, and thus the combination of the two has been the subject of considerable speculation from a variety of perspectives”. Indeed French people love to take a long time to eat and share a moment of conviviality, we don’t sit at a table only for the food even if we are demanding with it. McDonald’s learn this aspect and adapt it strategy, their restaurants and the overall experience. The French sociologist...
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