Mcdonald's Business Strategy

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A Comprehensive Business Plan
developed by

McDonald Management, Inc.
11410 N.E. 124th Street #223
Kirkland, Washington 98034 USA
O: 425-822-3106
C: 206-257-9839

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Executive Summary
Our Business Plan
The Market Defined
World View
Pilot Program (Ethiopia)
Projected Market Share
Market Strategy
The Bottled Water Industry
Product Development - Four Keys
Norit Ultra-Filtration System (Perfector – E)
Solar Powered Modules
Prototype configuration and assembly
The Patented 20-liter Tamper-proof Bottle
Organizational Development
USAgua Partnership Program
US Home Office
East Africa Central Assembly
Distribution (Operators to Owners)
Mile Stones
Financial Statements
Sales Projections
Personnel Budgets
Cash Flow Projections
Income Statements - Projected
Expense Statements - Projected


Executive Summary
W e are now in a position to profitably enter into the lucrative and expanding worldwide market for pure, clean, safe drinking water. We have developed and will introduce to the world, the concept of small community commercial water purification systems. We call our systems ‘USAgua™ Pure Water Kiosks’. Each of our Kiosks is capable of taking in 8,000 liters of dangerously polluted raw water every day and, through the technologically phenomenal process of ultra-filtration, they process that unhealthy water into safe, clean, purified drinking water. Our systems are containerized, modular, solar powered and ultra-filtered -- they function completely ‘off-the-grid’. Our markets are the vibrant, sophisticated, newly emerging middle-classes of the developing world. These middle-class niches represent over one billion people and their numbers are growing daily.

These people realize the
importance of safe drinking water
for themselves and their families
but, at the same time, they know
that their governments are
incapable of providing this most
basic need. What is important to
our program is that these middle
class families are financially
capable of paying for our water.
The proof is the fact that they
now consume literally tens of
millions of gallons of bottled
water every year. Our
competition is the bottled water industry and, very soon, we will have a substantial piece of that market.
The product we sell is clean, pure, safe drinking water. How we produce, market and sell our product is through our USAgua Pure Water Kiosks Program. Our Kiosks are a melding of two wonderful technologies just now coming into their own. The first is called ‘ultra-filtration’. Picture a bundle of spaghetti sized perforated tubes through which polluted water is pumped under pressure. The perforations are so small that they block viruses, bacteria and parasites down to a ‘Log 2-4’ EPA rating. This means that the water we sell is 99.99% pure or better when it leaves our system. And, because the filters require only ‘back-flushing’ instead of costly filter replacements, the long-term costs are minimized.

The second basic technology we have employed is Solar Power. Our Kiosks, including all the necessary pumps, batteries, electronics and lighting requirements run perfectly using a Solar Power package designed specifically for our needs. The initial costs of the solar option are steep, but the long term reliability, the fact that we don’t depend on any outside sources of energy and the nearly-maintenance-free specifications we have developed, make them a perfect fit in developing countries.


Our ultra filtration systems and our solar power systems have been rigorously field tested by their manufacturers. Our own design engineers have melded the two technologies together,
combined them with our
storage tanks and lab gear
and integrated them
seamlessly into our retail
USAgua Kiosks.
After a final prototype
development program, our...
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