Mcdonald's Business and Corporate Startegies

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  • Published: November 11, 2009
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McDonald’s Corporation

Business Strategy
Customers are the foundation of successful business-level strategies and Levels should never be taken for granted. When selecting a business-level strategy the firm determines: 1. Who will be served, 2. What needs those target customers have that it will satisfy, and 3. How those needs will be satisfied.

McDonald’s answers to these 3 questions were: 1. People of various ages globally, 2. A quick, delicious, and non-expensive meal, 3. They offer a variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, snacks, and drinks for adults and children in various places around the world.

Since McDonald’s operates in 119 countries on 6 different continents they have different food selections for most, than what we see in the United States. They offer these different products because of different needs in each country, due to religion, diets, and resources of each individual country. This flexibility and knowledge allows McDonald’s to achieve global targets and compete with the other competitors.

I would have to say that McDonald’s uses the Integrated Cost Leadership/ Differentiation Business-Level Strategy. McDonald’s has strategically planned to stay ahead of their competitors by providing customers with more options of healthy meals, cheaper prices, and better service. McDonald’s is competitive in many categories like price, quality, management, and employee training.

From looking at the Direct Competitor Comparison for 2006-2008 I saw that McDonald’s was indeed ahead of the others in revenue by as little as 12 billion to as much as 22.15 billion. Obviously, they are doing something right, but in these times things change at such a fast pace that you have to know how to keep up or your competitors will blow you out of the water. Most people are also more inclined to follow trends to be accepted and fit in, so if your competitor comes out with a new product you better have something better in your back pocket or...
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