Mcdonald's and Burger King

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  • Published : August 4, 2006
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McDonald's has a goal of 100% total customer satisfaction£¬ this goal is not always attainable. McDonald's has a second company goal that sets them apart from most of their competitors. •McDonald's customer service policy is laid out in the McDonald's Guarantee. They are more concerned with the quality of the service than the speed of the service. They then prepare that order while the customers wait. •Employees were working at a rapid pace, but it seemed like they had no time for customers. •The atmosphere was also very noisy. There was constant beeping, banging, and yelling coming from the service area. They did not provide a pleasant ambiance for customers to dine in. •McDonald's communication and leadership were also lacking. The employees provided no feedback in terms of double-checking orders or communicating any delays that might occur. we did not see a manager present during our entire visit.

Burger King
Burger King's goals seemed quite clear. They want to individualize each customer's order and provide the fastest service possible. •Burger King's policy is to give the customer many choices and to accurately and quickly provide whatever the customer chooses. This policy is reflected in their slogan, Your way, right away. Operating under this policy makes it very easy to achieve their goals. •In order to individualize each order they provide customers with many options when ordering. Some options include fries or onion rings, cheese, bacon, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion. The customer can pick any combination of these options that they desire. •To facilitate fast service Burger King takes customer orders on a continual basis. One employee takes the customer's order, the customer then moves down the line where another employee is preparing the order. Customers also get their own drinks while they are waiting for their meal. This makes service much faster in that employees do not have to prepare drinks or provide refills. •The climate at Burger King was very pleasant. The employees conveyed the attitude that they were there to assist the customers in any way possible. The restaurant was very clean and there were no loud noises from the service area. They also provided relaxing music for customers to listen to while dining. •. Burger King possessed more than adequate communication and leadership. Employees gave the customers feedback on their orders. Each customer received a receipt, which enabled him or her to double-check his or her order. The employees also read the order back to the customer before handing them the order. In terms of leadership, there was a manager in plain sight throughout our visit. The manager showed involvement by taking orders and coaching employees. ANALYSIS:

1.Organizational Goals Both McDonald's and Burger King share the same basic organizational goals of profitability, sales volume, fast and courteous service, and cleanliness. 2.Organizational Structure When observing McDonald's and Burger king, the organizational structures of the two restaurants were very similar. There appeared to be a crew leader who was a non-managerial employee and, there was a manager who was present behind the counter. The managers of the restaurants seemed to be in control of every aspect of the entire food service process. He had keys to the store, and registers, and also was the only one to take phone calls. One might assume that because both restaurants are chains, there is a hierarchy of command. 3.Technology Both McDonald's and Burger King are on the cutting edge of technology. They both employ state of the art cash registers and both have electric timers built into their cooking machines. Although the cooking styles vary between Burger King and McDonald's, the method of production is the same. Large batches of food are cooked at once then placed under heat lamps or put in the microwave...
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