Mcdonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” Campaign

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Mcdonald’s “i’m lovin’ it”

McDonald’s “i’m lovin’it” campaign is the main marketing strategy that McDonald’s used to connect with customers. The first worldwide campaign for McDonald’s, it is “i’m lovin’it” campaign and it is McDonald’s first time that a single set of commercials used concurrently around the world. McDonald’s put the “i’m lovin’it” theme into all their advertising, promotions, public relations, restaurant merchandising and overall brand communications initiatives. (McDonald’s Corporation, 2003) The key of this campaign are five new cutting edges, high energy television commercials that reflect the lifestyles and attitudes of today customer and culture. (McDonald’s Corporation, 2003) Target Audience

The campaign was targeted at young adult, teenagers, families and general. (McDonald’s Corporation, 2003) Communication objective
The global chief marketing officer at McDonald’s Larry Light said that “We lost relevance, the world changed, but we didn’t.” (Hicks, 2004) Therefore, the main communication objective was to rebuild customer relevance, branding develops and brand image. Moreover, increase market share, sales, reaching the target audience and creating awareness in the marketplace. (Wire) (McDonald’s Corporation) Campaign Idea

McDonald’s has been in the market for a long time, they face competition from other businesses such as KFC, Subway and Hungry Jack. Furthermore, an economic, legal, technological, social factor, retail environment has been changed. Those elements affect McDonald’s success in the market. The idea of “i’m lovin’it” this campaign to moving McDonald’s Brand into modern way that is fun and exciting for customers worldwide. The traditional McDonald’s brand positioning was children. But today food market is focus on nature and healthy food. People consider more about what they eat. Therefore many of mothers do not want they children eat unhealthy food. Most of the food McDonald produce are unhealthy. McDonald’s faces a...
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