McBride Financial Services

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McBride Financial Services
McBride Financial Services is a premier one-stop mortgage provider in the five-state area of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The company specializes in providing low-cost, flat-rate fee mortgages to members of its communities shipping for a new residential mortgage. The company is currently privately held but is exploring opportunities to go public through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), acquiring another company in its same industry or merging with another organization. Through utilization of the SWOT method, management will evaluate each approach and determine which is the best method to take McBride Financial Services public. Strengths in Going Public

If McBride Financial Services chose the option of going public with an IPO there are a couple of strengths that it would benefit from. The first distinct strength is the raising of capital. Additional capital would allow for brick and mortar expansion, investment opportunities, and added cash flow to improve products and services. An IPO can help reduce debt and the applicable risk rating given by creditors. If the IPO is successful, the options for additional financing will be open. By utilizing the option of an IPO, an organization’s awareness within the community arises. Most companies gain profits when establishing an IPO. Consumers become aware on a local and even a national level of what your organization produces. They will take a risk if currently unhappy with their current financial services and experiment with your products and services. If the customer relationship is cemented from the beginning, the consumer is sure to now produce additional clientele via word-of-mouth. All of this additional business is generated by creating and offering an IPO. If McBride’s chose to acquire another organization within the same industry, it has several advantages it could benefit from. One advantage from the start is that the open locations could potentially be in lucrative locations that would create a stronger voice and curb appeal. Financing options become available as well. The current financier used by McBride, will be ready and willing to offer other financing options if needed because of additional income that is now a potential. The potential for additional consumers and vendor relationships is tremendous depending on the size of the organization acquired. It can be beneficial for McBride, as some of those vendor contracts may be more cost effective in the future. Within the same notion of cost effectiveness, the additional staff that is acquired with the new organization brings experience and dependability. It allows the two organizations that are now one to continue to run smoothly and not have higher costs of training and development.

There are two major advantages to merging with another organization if that is the choice McBride’s Financial Services commits to. The first advantage is that once the merger is completed, competition within the industry community becomes less of a threat. The other advantage to a merger is the strategic planning and restructuring of the organization. Usually the two organizations will coercively plan and stage a strong management lead to run the larger institution.

Weaknesses in Going Public

Conducting an IPO is time-consuming and expensive. It can take up to a year or more to complete and can cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars for attorneys, accountants, printers, and additional fees. The SEC disclosure rules are very extensive and mean all financial information is made public. McBride will be subject to review by the SEC to ensure compliance with regulations through proper filings and relevant disclosures.

Decision-making among management may be affected by the market price of the shares and the feeling they must receive market recognition for the company’s stock. McBride could lose market confidence should shares of the company’s...
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