Mcarthyism in the Crucible

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  • Published : September 7, 2011
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General Structural Issues Noted in Previous Years.
* The main concern was students not adequately analysing the question, planning an answer with a thesis statement which addresses the set question and then including in their answer only material which specifically addresses the question. Some students were absolutely determined to use every piece of information they knew about the text and the background to the text regardless of whether it was relevant to the exam question. This does not impress the marker who looks for an analytical essay which should mount a case to convince with expertise in the area covered by the question. * Ideally, students should have a short introductory paragraph which introduces the thesis / theses and gives some indication of how this will be discussed in the essay. * A paragraph is NOT just a collection of sentences that has the 1st word indented. The model for each paragraph is: Statement; Quote or evidence to support the contention; Discussion about the contention; Link to the next paragraph. * The concluding paragraph finishes off the discussion with a powerful, thought-provoking statement or quote. * No need for a title. The question is the title.

* Some irritating aspects for markers: It is a play NOT a book or novel. Refer to ‘readers’ and NOT ‘audience’. The play begins in a bedroom NOT the forest with dancing girls as in the movie. * Common weaknesses in spelling and syntax.

* Not enough quotes used to develop comments made.
* No structure-poor linking and lack of topic sentences.
* Lack of a clear thesis statement that establishes the purpose of the analysis. * Too many just retelling the story with no argument, evidence and evaluation. * Failure to answer the question-this is a very common issue. * Failure to prove arguments with sufficient analysis, evidence and evaluation. * Insufficient linkage between the text and social historical context. *...
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