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Topics: Hygiene, Cleanliness, Washing Pages: 3 (580 words) Published: June 23, 2012
A.You should consider and describe at least the following in your case study

The dress and grooming requires for staff

The appearance policy for McDonald's
• A neat, clean and wrinkle-free uniform
• Good personal grooming
McDonald’s supply with a shirt and hat/visor. Some countries supply you with pants and some make you buy your own but reimburse you. Pants have to be Black and no jeans.

Hair clean, neat, conservatively styled.
• Short hair cut above the collar and neatly groomed.
• Longer hair tied back in a plait or bun. No loose straggly hair is allowed. • Hairnets are compulsory in Western Australia for employees involved in food preparation.

Make-up is fine, as long as you don't over do it.
Earrings are fine, but only studs, no danglies or loops.
Perfume is premitted. Some scents can be really strong and can cause difficulty in breathing for those around the scent.

The layout, maintenance and cleanliness of the customer areas - Committing strict hygiene standards.
- Following critical standards for raw and finished product quality, cleanliness and sanitation. - Adhering to restaurant performance standards for crew stations and as per shift manager leadership - Washing your hands a minimum of once every hour

- False nails are permitted to be worn.
- Pant hems should be no longer them the top of your shoes because long hems could cause you to trip and/or injure yourself - Any event that resulted in or could have resulted in an injury or illness to an employee, contractor, visitor or customer - Free of visible dirt and debris

- The temperature danger zone is between 5C and 60C
- The 2-cloth cleaning method is using one cloth for tops of tables and another to clean booths, high chairs seats and legs of tables and the seats and backs of chairs. - Checking restrooms every 30 minutes (every 15 minutes in busy periods) and using paper towel to clean the urinals and...
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