Mc Donalds

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  • Published : February 15, 2011
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McDonalds Project

McDonalds retail outlet resembles a machine in many ways. McDonald’s has many employees that were hired for a certain job position. Without those employees, there would be a missing part to the “machine”, therefore the business would not operate properly. The employees represent the parts to the machine that do one thing, over and over again. When you go to McDonalds, you place your order with the cashier, then the order is sent to the cooks, and then there is someone there who bags your food. Without any of those people how would McDonalds operate? If an employee calls out sick and doesn’t show up to work, they get someone to replace them. “Parts” are replaceable.

In terms of Frederick Taylor's principles of scientific management, each task performed at McDonalds has one best method. It is the manager’s responsibility to find that best method. It is also the manager’s responsibility to hire and train the employee that is using that method. It is the employee’s responsibility to perform the task using that method in order for McDonalds to run properly. In terms of Max Weber's hierarchical structure, McDonalds is a major corporation for which it’s owner has the highest authority and responsibility that everyone below him are doing their job functions correctly in order to maintain a successful business. Then you have regional managers, district managers, store managers, assistant managers/ supervisors, and the employees. In terms of Henri Fayol's administrative principles of McDonalds, there is a chain of command from top to bottom. There are store owners, store managers, assistant managers, and the employees. There are organizational goals that must be met, and it is the responsibility of the managers to make sure that it’s employees are performing those tasks and following the rule that are applied to all.

I believe McDonalds has been a successful franchise due to a consistent commitment to standards. McDonalds success thrives on...
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