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MY Own business that I will talk about is MC Donald’s.

MC Donald’s Company have more than 33,500 local restaurant serving 68 million people

all over the world.

MC Donald’s has started in Egypt since 1994 and it’s owned by Manfoods company

which Mr. Yassein Mansour is the president and managing director.

When MC Donald’s have started in Egypt , they began with two restaurants only min

Cario districts of Helipolis and Mohndseen.

Now they have more than 59 branches , and more than 4,0000 customers every day

and provide employment opportunities for over 10,000 families in Egypt.

MC Donald’s Egypt is 100 % egyptian company with 100% investeros and workers.

Quality of food:

And over 80 % of MC Donald’s come from egyptian suppliers to ensuring that they have

the highest quality and safety prcedueres of food.

MC Donald’s company always use fresh , high qulity in gredients in all of it’s product as

beefs , Cheese & salads which are used in sandwhiches , Milk which are used in milkshakes. All MC Donalds beef sandwiches are made from 100 % pure halal beef cuts and all the

chiken sandwiches and McNuggets ara made from 100 % halal chiken & from manually

de-boned chiken breast meat no additives or preservatives are added.

I think the secret of success in MC Donald’s resturants is the low prices and the tast is

good and the service is very fast.

MC Donald’s Food comes certified suppliers through the HACCP ( Hazard Analysis and

Critical Control Point Programme)

Every branch of MC Donald’s Restaurant , Products undergo 72 saftey protocals to

ensuring that they have saftey standerd processes.

Promotions & services :

MC Donald’s offered many promotions and services , one of it’s best promotions is

Menu 5 EGY , Menu 7.5 EGY & menu 10 EGY.

And there is also Happy meal , this is a children meal with each meal there is a small toy.

All this things attract people.

One of the best services of MC Donald’s restaurants that they are opend 24 Houres ,

And also they are the faster delevirey in Egypt , this is due to that they have a lot of

branches in the countery .


MC Donald's charity works:

MC Donald’s Egypt operates responsibility with the community and supports several

charity organization and projects.

MC Donald’s support the national project to build the hospital for children with cancer in

Egypt (57357).


In 2001 MC Donald’s has managed to rise total of EGY 4 million for the hospital to date. And also many Times Ronald Mc donalds visit Abo el rish cancer hospital many time

and put smile on children faces and help to Relive their pains

On June 1st 2008 for 24 across 24 time zone , walk the world took place globally to

raise funds for the 59 million children worldwide who attend primary school hungry.

On the other hand Mc donald’s also is sharing in developing the education in Azbt

khiralllah they went on 14 April with khier w barka association held celebration for more

than 800 young children and their familes.

Also Mc donalds donate for the egyptian education 3.5 million EGY , also they had shard

in renwal 34 nursery which serve 2247 baby , also they educate 504 mother.

MR Ronald Mc Doanld’s at the orphan day celbration , the children were enjoying

playing with him , and hw put smile on their faces


Mc donald’s company make many adivertisement in the radio , TVs , in the streets ,

in the malls and hyper markets , in the schools & universities , in the taravelling rodes ,

& Sampling in the Event like foot ball matches.

Mc Donald’s Achievements:

Mc donald’s Egypt has recived a large number of awards not fro operational excellence

but more importantly for dedocated involvement in community initatives as supporting

education and children in need.

In 2007 Mc donald’s...
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