Mc Donald's Operation Management

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McDonald’s Corporation is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries. In Morocco, McDonald has just celebrated it 20 years of existence in the country, the first McDonald opened in la Corniche, Casablanca in 1992, now there is 29 restaurants over 15 cities. The company offers a wide variety of products from hamburgers to salad to desert. Hamburger| Desert| Salad|

Big mac| Sundae| Salade fermière|
Royal cheese| McFlury| Salade pêcheur|
280 gr Original| Mandise| |
Big tasty| Mousse aux 3 chocolats| |
Cheeseburger| Choco Glacé| |
Hamburger| Coffe| |
Mc Chicken| | |
Filet-O-Fish| | |
Chicken Mythic| | |
Chicken burger| | |
Wrap miel moutard| | |
Wrap Libanais| | |
Beef Classic| | |

Because we live in a muslim country, McDonald had to remove all the meals composed of porc, and use “Halal” meat. To convince the public opinion, they organize a trip for the press and the opinion leaders to their suppliers. There is an external independent audit who is responsible for the halal labeling. McD’s products are supplied by 50 % from local companies, the meat and the fries are imported from Egypt. When food arrive to the McD restaurant they are already labeled by a best-before date and are double labeled by the manager and then they are stored in the freezer in a temperature between – 18° and -23°. The rule for the frozen food is that the first to come in is the first to come out. Health, safety and hygiene issues are taken seriously; the manager is responsible of the good following of the operations. In the kitchen, every employee is assigned a specific task, meat is bake between two heating plate that are cleaned every 30 minutes, after it’s done they use a special thermometer to make sure that the meat is at least 69 °, employees that are in contact with meat must wear gloves and change them regularly. There is also fried chicken and fish in the McDonald’s menu, so they use a deep fryer that is checked to make sure the oil is clean, fried food can’t stay out more than 20 minutes. Every hour there is a beep in the kitchen that indicate that employees have to wash their hands for 30 seconds and every 4 hours all the materials used in the kitchen are sterilize with a special spray. Finally when the meal is assembled, it is ready to be served to the consumer. Output :

Transformation process :
Input resources :



HighVariation Low


““ To understand the different types of operation we differentiate between them by using four dimensions - it calls these the four V's of operations. They are, * Volume - how many products or services are made by the operation? * Variety - how many different types of products or services are made by the operation? * Variation - how much does the level of demand change over time? * Visibility - how much of the operation's internal working are 'exposed' to its customers? ”” From , search four Vs.

The black curve in the diagram shows the McDonald’s operation tendencies. The volume of operations is mid-low which is high for a restaurant but McD is Fast-food restaurant, consumers during all days, however there are some peak hours, so the machinery are always working. An average McD stay open for 14 hours but they are some like the one in the corniche that stays open until 5 o’clock in the morning. The variety in McD product is mid-low, meal are standard, some stay always on the menu like the Cheeseburger or the Big Mac, but other are occasional like the Mac fondue or the Giabatta Grande. The meal are not really customizable like a real restaurant you can only ask them to remove an item from the meal like the salad or the tomato....
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