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Topics: Full-time, Personality psychology, Part-time Pages: 3 (1237 words) Published: June 11, 2012
As an ESFJ according to Myers-Briggs, I am the most sociable out of all types and am energized by people interaction. Upon reading the “portrait of myself”, I came to find there were many characteristics that described me. However, some contradicted my self-concept. For instance, I portray myself to be an extrovert, only to an extent. I find myself to be aware with much around me, and have a highly energetic personality. However, as it states, extroverts think out loud and initiate conversation, and I can be shy and reticent from time to time. My joyful personality drives me to meet new people, however not all the time. I do not find myself to be as outgoing as the “common” extrovert, but do fit in the category more-so than an introvert.

When it comes to the judging lifestyle, there are many statements that represent myself but, also opposed the “picture” of me. I prefer being organized when it comes to orderly structure in the house, with objects needing to be in certain places. I like cleanliness and association in my house so people receive a clean atmosphere when they enter. I also like organization when it comes to work. Being able to find papers and what you are looking for is completely necessary for success. Although I like organization and a certain amount of structure, I am extremely flexible. I do not feel the need to write down and know a week ahead of time what celebrations are coming up, or what I am doing for the weekend. I live my life day-to-day with no precise structure of time, which opposes characteristics of my MBTI.

As a whole, an ESFJ describes me exceptionally well. I listen to others and value their opinions. On the other hand, I love to debate and make my statements I feel are true. I do not let someone else influence what I believe to be true. I am stubborn when I know I am correct. However, I am empathetic when I do not have the facts to support my standpoint. I think things through before I speak or make a decision. When those...
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