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All Questions are Compulsory. The first five questions shall be of 16 marks each and the last question shall be of 20 marks. Q.1 a) Why would many City vision stockholders sell for cash rather than Blockbuster stock? b) What are the major reasons for the differences in attitude? Q.2 a) Evaluate the different ways in which Bata has interacted with foreign political systems in its investments and operations abroad. b) Should Pizza Hut put more of its efforts in expanding in Brazil or somewhere in South East Asia? Why? Q.3 a) What factors threaten India’s future competitive positions in cashew nut productions? b) Should the United States seek to tighten the economic grip on cube? If so, how should it be done? Q.4 a) What are the different scenarios that Crystal Lake Manufacturing could face in the future? What should be their strategies, given the different scenarios? b) Relate Simon’s process of international expansion with company’s usual internationalized process. Q.5 a) How has the fall in the peso affected illusion? How do you think it will affect them in the future?

b) What are the major options available to Nissan in the week yen environment? Q.6 a) In the interest of the United States, should federal restrictions be placed on the foreign acquisition of real estate? b) From an Indian standpoint, evaluate the government restrictions of FDI. c) What actions can shell take to quell criticism about its operations in Nigeria?

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