Mba652 Savor Case

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Case Recap
Savor is an upper middle class restaurant located in Rockbrook Village strip mall in Omaha for about five years. Savor has been compared as a stylish New York or European bistro because of its hip young staff and routinely updated menu. Savor also is especially proud of the fact that it avoids “corporate” appearances. Much of foods that Savor prepares are made from freshest ingredients that purchase from local business. For examples, bread is purchased from Great Harvest Bread Company, located in Rockbrook Village and fish is purchased from the local company, Absolutely Fresh. Problem Identification

For the most part, Savor can be considered a successful restaurant. However it still has some problems such as size limitations to 115 seats, unknown to clientele, tie budget and three strong competitors. The problems that Savor faces must be solved in order to grow the business.

Identifying the Root Problem Components
There are several key issues that are related to Savor’s problems. For instance, Savor, which has the size limitations to maximum 115 seats. With this capacity, the restaurant is busting during the lunch hour. Another problem is that despite its current marketing efforts, the restaurant’s catering business is unknown to potential clientele. One more problem which Savor is facing is the budget to fund expansion. In order to increase the restaurant capacity, it must move to a larger location within Rockbrook Village but due to the tie of budget this option can be carried out. With all those problems, Savor has three competitors in Omaha area such as Brandeis, Upstream, and Ryan’s Bistro. These competitors cause Savor to constantly review its menu and change fresh menu for every four months and catering menu for every six months. SWOT Analysis

1.Fresh ingredients
2.Hip young staff
3.In additional to restaurant business, it offers catering business 4.Good Chef with experience in the food and wine selection
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